How to Partner with ConvenientPower ?

1. Be a distributor of ConvenientPower products !
  Join the exciting world of wireless power: market and sell products developed by us using your brand, your expertise and your distributing channels. We customize products for you and can ship them to any destination in the world.
2. Use our proven wireless power technology in your new COOL products !
  Join our licensing program, use our readily available modules or a combination of both. Our technology can be used in any portable application such as mobile phones, PDA's, MP3/4, Portable Gaming Devices, Digital Camera's, Computer Peripherals, Medical Devices, Remote Controls and Personal Care Products.
3. Request a turnkey solution !
  ConvenientPower is ideally located in the heart of Asia (Hong Kong) and is able to tap into a big network of qualified partners, such as Industrial Design, Mechanical Design and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Please let us know your needs.
ConvenientPower looks forward to partnering with you and together, revolutionizing the user experience.